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Our Team

  • Cindy Clift

    JOB TITLE:  Insurance Manager.  Cindy is the glue that keeps Anders Chiropractic together!  She has been with our office since July 1992.  She handles all insurance claims and has worked all positions at the office at some time.

    EDUCATION:  Graduated in 1982 from Wellington High School.  Has some college courses through Cowley Community College and numerous Chiropractic training classes.

    BORN:  September 21, 1964 in Bloomington, Illinois; moved to Wellington in 1977.

    FAMILY:  Married to Mike since September 1999. They have four adult children and two grandchildren.

    PETS:  Mick is an Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler, Cooper is an Pembroke Welsh Corgi

    INTERESTS:  Gardening, reading, watching movies, shopping

    FAVORITE FOODS:  Hawaiian pizza, black licorice, popcorn, strawberries

    FAVORITE TV SHOWS:  The Big Bang Theory, Saturday Night Live, Pretty Little Liars and Satisfaction.

    FAVORITE MOVIES:  Wizard of Oz, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Father of the Bride

    FAVORITE BOOKS:  The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien; Harry Potter series by JK Rowling; Dracula by Bram Stoker; Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

  • Kari Clift

    JOB TITLE:  Chiropractic Assistant.  Kari joined the office in August,    2008 after working many years at Futures.  She is responsible for all patient therapy and new patient exams.

    EDUCATION:  Wellington High School, 1998

    BORN:  March 28, 1980 in Wellington

    FAMILY:  Married to Sean since 2001.  They have a daughter, Laney, who is a 6th grader.  Kari is also a twin and has 2 sisters.  She and Cindy are sister-in-laws.

    PETS:  3 dogs, Tink, Harley & Gunner; 1 cat, Mouse

    INTERESTS:  Camping, playing softball

    FAVORITE FOODS:  Mexican

    FAVORITE TV SHOWS:  Taps, Ghost Hunters International

    FAVORITE MOVIES:  comedies, drama

    FAVORITE BOOKS:  Danielle Steele

  • Carol Troutman

    JOB TITLE:  Chiropractic Assistant.  Carol works a few hours each week after her full-time job at Security State Bank.  Carol loves to decorate and is known for her unique trees that are up almost year round in our office.  She has been with our office since 2002. 

    EDUCATION:  Udall High School in 1971

    BORN:  September 7, 1952 in Winfield, KS

    FAMILY:  Married to Monty since 1971.  They have 2 grown sons, Jeremy and Joshua, and 1 daughter, Amy. They also have 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.

    INTERESTS:  Decorating, shopping, being with her family, playing cards with friends

    FAVORITE FOODS:  Gummy Bears, Burger Station hamburgers from Winfield

    FAVORITE TV SHOWS:  Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, Days of our Lives

    FAVORITE MOVIES:  Yours, Mine and Ours (the original), Gone with the Wind, White Christmas

    FAVORITE BOOKS:  Anything by Janet Evanovich


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Wish I still lived in Wellington cause this is the BEST Chiropractic practice in the world!!!!! I have lived in New York and now in Florida and can NOT find a chiropractor to fix my back like Anders could!!!!! Wish I had the money to fly you down here weekly or to come to you. Miss you all greatly!!!!!

Andrew L. / Wellington, KS